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Networking for Lawyers

business development

For Business Development, Do What Comes Naturally

Unfortunately, there is no template or set of instructions that works for every lawyer. I have seen a lot of tactics executed with varying degrees of success. What seems to work best is engaging in an activity that is natural to you. What do I ...

Toni Wells - February 13, 2018
Sally Play to Win running meetings

How to Work the Room at Networking Events

Most lawyers have to attend events. Clients have parties, law firms host functions, organizations hold galas and associations offer networking meetings. If you’re someone who detests going to these, particularly when you don’t know anyone, I am ...

Sally J. Schmidt - December 20, 2017

Three Quick Ways to Make Networking Part of Your Routine

You’ve heard it hundreds of times: You need to network! If you want to build your client base, get referrals, establish your brand and be a better lawyer, networking is required. But when you’re already busting your tail to bill 1,800 (or more) ...

Stephanie R. Hanna - December 11, 2017
Well Said Network

Five Ways to Network at a Barbecue and Not Get Burned

As the school year ends and summer approaches, social schedules ramp up with graduation parties, BBQs, golf outings and the like. At least some of these will be hosted by your firm, clients and other business contacts. It’s an opportunity to ...

Mike O'Horo - May 25, 2017
lawyer bio

You’re Going to Need More Than One Bio

Regarding your self-promotion, I have good news and I have bad news. Good news: There are more opportunities to promote yourself than ever before. Bad news: The sprawl of marketing opportunities is so fractured and vast, you'll need multiple ...

Bull Garlington - April 6, 2017

Eight Ways Shy Lawyers Can Find Mentors

I have always considered myself an introvert. I always admire those individuals who show no restraint as their laughter booms across the room, or who talk excitedly to someone they have just met. But, alas, that has never been me. As such, I ...

Suzanne Deliscar - February 22, 2017
Nothing But the Ruth law office address

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

On a recent call with my business mastermind group, one of the members shared how quickly he was able to overcome a challenge in his company by tapping into his network for suggestions. He summed up the process with, “Your network is your net ...

Ruth Carter - February 8, 2017
Lawyer shaking hands online How to Introduce Yourself

How to Introduce Yourself

Following a recent post about networking, a reader asked, “What’s the best way to introduce yourself at a networking event?” What follows is for business contexts. For social etiquette, I’ll defer to Emily Post (or my late mother, who, while my ...

Mike O'Horo - September 22, 2016
Well Said in bubble

Are You (Gulp) the Boring One?

Last October, I posted advice in this space on how to extricate yourself gracefully from unwelcome conversations at networking events. Recently, a reader asked how to handle the reverse situation: when you’re the one being ditched. (I’ll ...

Mike O'Horo - August 8, 2016
Play to Win Queen of Hearts

Building Relationships With Contacts

Years ago, someone told me about an accounting firm’s business development training philosophy. The firm had developed a continuum from 1 to 10, where “1” was something like “Would recognize me on the street,” and “10” was something like “Take ...

Sally J. Schmidt - July 7, 2016