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Document Management

Document Automation

Document Automation Choices: Buy or Build?

In my previous post on "Choosing a Document Automation System," we kicked off the topic with a checklist of circumstances and goals for those embarking on what ...

Marc Lauritsen - December 16, 2015
Document Automation

Choosing a Document Automation System

The secret’s out. Many legal documents, even quite complex ones, can be reliably drafted by intelligent software when it is supplied with appropriate inputs. Consumers and businesses have become accustomed to preparing their own documents with ...

Marc Lauritsen - November 18, 2015

Getting Serious About Your Solo or Small Firm

Running a small law firm is no easy feat. Aside from the fact that law school gives you little in the way of business or technology skills, there’s also the small matter of spending the majority of your time dealing with people at some of the ...

Chelsey Lambert - July 22, 2015

Think Your Firm Is HIPAA-Compliant? Steps to Make Sure

If any of your clients are involved with health care, you know how highly regulated the field is. You may think you are complying with all the regulations and have lock-tight security measures in place at your firm. But you could be ...

Joe Kelly - July 6, 2015

Metadata 101 for Lawyers

Most lawyers have probably heard the word "metadata" and, at a minimum, know that it has something to do with their documents. But it's vital that every law office, staff included, is aware of the risks posed by metadata, and what steps can ...

Ali Moinuddin - September 23, 2014
Document Automation

Upgrading Your Law Firm DMS? Pitfalls to Avoid

In "Your Law Firm's DMS: Put the Past Behind You," Brian Ruthruff and Dodie Edelstein ...

Brian Ruthruff and Dodie Edelstein - October 28, 2013

Ways Your Firm Can Create Motions More Efficiently

Meeting tight deadlines for filing motions is stressful by itself. But it's even more nerve-rattling when legal research, drafts and comments are scattered all over the place and not accessible when needed. In a typical law firm, email-based ...

Nitin Gupta - October 21, 2013
Document Automation

Your Law Firm’s DMS: Put the Past Behind You

A law firm's document management system (DMS) is fundamental. It keeps things working and should make life better. Is yours doing that? Many law firms are using "legacy" systems and don't realize just how far behind their systems are. Current ...

Brian Ruthruff and Dodie Edelstein - October 2, 2013
man sitting in chair managing a law practice jared correia

Fee Tale: This Is Not Your Father’s Engagement Agreement

Lawyers are uniquely situated to craft the parameters of the client-business relationship, though many forgo the opportunity — or, at least, leave much to interpretation and chance. Perhaps it's just my perspective. In Massachusetts, the rules ...

Jared Correia - August 28, 2013

What Entrepreneurs Expect from Their Lawyers

As the world moves faster (and it does, doesn’t it?), you have to move faster, too, not only to keep up, but to amaze and astound your clients in a highly competitive field. While it may not astound them, your ability to quickly create, ...

Nitin Gupta - August 14, 2013