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Law Firm Pricing


Five Ways to Take Control of Your Invoicing Effectiveness

Lawyers in small firms don’t have large-scale technology systems or billing departments to help get invoices out the door. When the time comes to give a client an invoice, it is pretty much up to the individual attorney to make it ...

Wayne Nykyforchyn - January 5, 2017
man sitting in chair managing a law practice jared correia

Clio’s First Trends Report Paints Alarming Picture of Solo and Small Law Practice

Law practice management software provider Clio released its first annual Legal Trends Report on October 17. The survey is a compilation of data aggregated from 40,000 Clio subscribers in the continental U.S. The data, representing usage events ...

Jared Correia - December 7, 2016

Death of the Billable Hour: A Eulogy

Last month, I participated on a panel at the 2016 Futures Conference. My assigned task was to discuss whether the billable hour would finally be dead by 2026. That got me thinking about the future event that would mark the passing of the ...

Kevin Bielawski - October 31, 2016

Is Your Practice Area a Good Match for Flat-Fee Billing?

The benefits of flat-fee billing arrangements are numerous, from predictability to efficiency to increased client satisfaction. But not all legal matters are appropriate for flat fees. So, how do you know which practice areas are right for a ...

Erika Winston - June 16, 2016

Make It Easier to Get Paid with Clio’s New Trust Requests Feature

Clio-using lawyers get paid on the same day they issue a bill. Most law firms wait an average of three months for clients to pay their bills. Clio-using lawyers have an advantage over these law firms because they don’t have to spend time ...

Joshua Lenon - May 27, 2016
setting fees

The Best Pricing Advice I Ever Received

Sometimes the most profound lessons arise from the simplest of exchanges. So it was for a young Jordan Furlong in the early days of his career as an adventurous service provider. He says the best pricing advice he ever received came from an ...

Jordan Furlong - June 25, 2015

Take the Guesswork Out of Flat Fees

Hourly billing actually did not become of age in the legal profession until the 1950s, after a series of reports showed that firms that charged by the hour were more profitable than those that charged on the basis of the service sold. Those ...

Peggy Gruenke - April 3, 2015
Sally Play to Win running meetings

Addressing Pricing Questions

Despite all the talk about alternative fees, many lawyers still bill on an hourly basis for some, if not most, of their work. Even those who use project pricing, flat fees or fixed fees still find the need to increase those rates from time to ...

Sally J. Schmidt - January 27, 2015
Friday 5

Don’t Lose Your Shirt When Raising Your Fees

As part of your law firm's strategy, you want (ideally) to align your pricing methods, metrics and communications with your clients' value proposition. That, of course, is easier said than done. Most firms struggle to achieve the delicate ...

Frederick J. Esposito Jr. - January 9, 2015

Pricing Lessons from Summer Camp

Nobody likes talking about money with clients. Nobody. But the conversation gets a whole lot easier when you are confident in what you do, and what you're worth. Right? Maintaining the needed level of self-assurance, though, might be the hardest ...

Joan Feldman - July 3, 2014